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About us

Allegiance Technology Solutions will provide products and services that deliver long term benefits based upon our clients business telecommunications requirements. We will deliver innovative and affordable solutions to clients without compromising principle values. We will build a long term relationship with clients built on credibility, sincerity and commitment.


“Allegiance Technologies has proven to be one of the best communication businesses in the area. Their staff has been amazing to work with as they are extremely experienced, informative, and professional. Sean, Bryan, and the team at Allegiance recently upgraded and installed an ESi communications service in our Green Hills office and the transition was convenient and extremely easy to work this. The installation was completed better than we ever expected and it’s a fantastic system for our company!”

Katie Admire
Sandbox Entertainment

“We have used Allegiance Technologies from the inception of our organization back in 2000. Allegiance has been there for us during four office relocations, organizational upgrades and numerous office redesigns. Through each one of these challenges, Allegiance has provided superior service. They are my go to Technology provider, always demonstrating the technical aptitude in each project. The team at Allegiance is talented, reliable and impeccable at what they do. I would strongly recommend you give them a call.”

Stephen Ham
Information Technology